We take the guesswork out of modern agriculture & wildlife management practices by implementing precision solutions with a turn-key aerial imaging platform. Our dedicated and continued research practices lead the way in UAS innovation. Through these practices our goal is to always collect value-added Business Intelligence using cutting edge and innovative solutions for our customers.

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Recent Projects

Drone Technology is HOT, but many applications are unreasonable and unreliable. At Sandhills Robotics we want to bridge the gap between idealistic and realistic and offer our customers an innovative solution that adds value to their bottom line now. Check out some recent projects that are helping to make fantasy, reality.

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    Contractor: Corbin is a GIS Scientist- Data Analytics
    Planetary Geology PhD Student NCSU, NASA Fellow, Part 107 Pilot

    Corbin Kling
  • Skylar

    Partner: Skyler is a Part 61 Private pilot, Part 107 Remote Pilot- GIS Analyst
    Master’s Student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NCSU Crop Science Researcher.

    Skyler Edenhart-Pepe
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    Partner: Woodus is a Mechanical/Electrical Engineer
    A Military Veteran, Environmental Scientist, Background in Industrial Automation, 10+ years Fabrication Experience in RC Field

    Woodus Mintz
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    Founder of Sandhills Robotics, Mandee is an Instructional Designer & Continuous Process Improvement Specialist. Active Duty Military; MS-Digital Learning and Teaching  NCSU; MBB(c) in Lean Six Sigma (LSS); LSS Blackbelt Certification

    Mandee L. Mintz